Rose Knight

Rose Knight (Female, age 26)- a traveling scholar, working on a book about Magical Ruins, she's been financing her research and gathering research as a procurement agent for Madame Nickels for the last 2 years. She's been working with Hazzad for the last 6 months. She is much more knowledgable about the job than Hazzad. Her writings have appeared in Philosopher's Monthly- mostly noted for her series on the cave systems and ruins of the island of Kimvernaan. Originally from the city of Victornin, in the south of the continent. Has a Master's degree is Magical Botany. She prefers simple, loose fitting clothing.

She is currently dating Artus Thaumas.

Hazzad Hazma

Hazzad Hazma (Male,mid to late twenties)- A procurement agent, though unlicenced... works freelance with Madame Nickels, and has been working towards his certification. He is more knowledgable about avoiding danger, as well as an experienced lockpick. He is rather fashion obsessed, and is a bit of a dandy. Doesn't really get along well with Madame Nickels, as his standards when it comes to gathered materials can be fairly sloppy. Since he teamed up with Rose, whose standards are much higher, he's getting better pay than he used to.

He is not particularly fond of Artus Thaumas.

Madame Nickels

Madame Nickels (Female, Very old)- Owner of Alamax Magical and Alchemical Supply, and owner and manager of Nickels' Wyrd Procurement. Employer of Rose and Hazzad. Has many pet Aqua-kittens, one of which is named Kittymer, and is a reputable breeder of them.

She knows quality ingredients when she sees them, and will pay accordingly. She pays her agents well, so the best procurement agents want to work with her.

Artus Thaumas Artus Thaumas (Male, age 26)- A procurement agent/adventurer. Mostly an adventurer. Loves to fight evil, and has a strong sense of justice. He's an enthusiastic guy, who's very kind at heart. Recently started seeing Rose. He's a cleric of the order of Maximus Poundage. Mostly goes along as muscle support, as he's more interesting in exploring and beating up stuff than actually gathering anything.
Prof. Harzivall Professor Tuckus Harzivall (Male, Age 62)- Professor from Victornin University, specializing in Mundane Biology, in particular, plant life. Often aids expeditions into magical areas as well, and is very particular and paranoid about safety measures. Currently Laid up with 2 broken legs in a town nearby Voxmeer's Folly. Former Teacher of Rose and Ozra.
Ozra von Rittenscheim Ozra von Rittenscheim (Female, Physical age: 19)-Went to the same college as Rose, but was 11 years old when enrolled. Obsessed with accumulating knowledge. A rather odd, but seemingly friendly young woman. A former student of Professor Harzivall. Wears stylish clothing, but her color sense is kind of off.

Fernando Ferningway (Male, Age: Late twenties, early thirties?) Has known Hazzad for years, and is probably his best friend.

He likes to tease him, but is fond of him. Currently a Technical Lab Assistant at the Alamax Procurement Guild. He has a technical

degree in Wizardry, but is vague about accreditation. He gets along well with Madame Nickels. He's a native of Alamax. He dyes his hair.