Comic 85 - 4-18

7th Aug 2015, 10:00 AM in Chapter 4: The Lady and the Professor
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Author Notes:

7th Aug 2015, 10:00 AM
And that, is the end of Chapter 4! Next up, More entries in The Miscellanea Corporeal(In this update, to be clear.), and Next week: Hazzad's Lamentable Expedition, guest written by Eric Alexander!... with bits by me, too.

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14th May 2016, 2:41 AM
lol, free refills! That makes it better, right? Artus looking on the bright side of things!
14th May 2016, 10:35 AM
Free refills are awesome!
9th Mar 2021, 3:05 PM
ninus hideon
Everything made of turnips. That sounds like a nightmare.
12th Mar 2021, 4:30 PM
Yeah, probably a vegan's dream, though! Or maybe not.